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Topaz filer now for Outlook 2013

With the release of Topaz 4.3 you can now operate with Outlook from 2003 through to the latest 2013.

The latest version also adds functionality when sending emails to allow more seconds to be saved each day.

What is Topaz Filer?

Topaz Filer integrates with Outlook and allows quick and easy filing of emails into network shares or into document management systems. The emails are removed from the private world of your inbox and into a shared environment where teams can see all of the emails to and from their clients.

Most companies manage their documents by client or project. Topaz Filer allows emails to be managed and kept together with all other documents. Topaz Filer is a must for lawyers, accountants, construction companies and other organisations which save their documents by reference to clients or projects.

When client projects are subject to potential liability claims or there are risk management issues, Topaz Filer helps you manage compliance by ensuring all emails both received and sent are saved under the client project.